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Do you want to learn the most effective, safe and gentle way to rehabilitate and strengthen the body after birth, whether it’s been 5 weeks or 50 years? Do you want a functional core and pelvic floor that can withstand the stresses of life, supporting you when you lift the kid, run after the bus, jump in the trampoline, carry the grandson? Want to find a body that feels stable and strong, a body you can trust and feel proud of?

Many women struggle for years with ailments such as abdominal prolapse (flushing), releasing pelvic floor muscles, incontinence, back and pelvic pain, shared abdominal muscles, digestive problems and painful menstruation, and are told just that. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Thousands of women, including myself, have regained their lives with hypopressive training after long believing there was nothing they could do.

Hypopressive exercise is a revolutionary way to get the core and pelvic floor functional again after birth and other stress injuries. It is both breathing and postural reprogramming that will strengthen, lift and stabilize, it works unlike anything else you have tried before. In just 10-15 minutes daily you can get healthy and strong again!

The workshop is an introduction to this wonderful technique. You will learn the background of the technique and how it works in a completely different way than anything else, and will learn both the unique breathing technique and 6 of the 10 positions in the basic series. You will also get descriptions so you can safely start exercising at home on your own and test how effective hypopressive training is!

Price: 995 kr

You will receive info a few days in advance of the workshop by mail, so check spam if you have not seen anything. The workshop will be at Studio Pilates, in Møllendalsveien 61A.

The workshop is suitable for everyone, of all ages, regardless of fitness. Contact us if you are wondering something 🙂

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